1. Circle represents water catchment, circle also represents people.
  2. Paddy Flower on both sides of the logo represents paddy fields in Hilir Perak District.
  3. Symbol of a building shows that Teluk Intan Town is synonym with The Town of the Leaning Tower
  4. The color blue and the ship symbol at the bottom of the logo represents Teluk Intan Town surrounded by Perak and Bidor Rivers that are the mode of transportation and income of the people.
  5. The grey color gear shape represents the industries such as palm oil, dockyards, textile, sea products, and various small and medium enterprises.
  6. The red curve represents courage, confidence and firm principles in performing challenging duties.
  7. The yellow circle represents the Perak District as a Royal town for the Regent of Perak since 1938. This was set by Sultan Iskandar Shah (1918 - 1938) who was the Sultan then.
  8. The tree symbol represents MPTI’s commitment in ensuring the greens are well maintained and cared for.